Keep your mind and body active

This week’s blog post has been written by Kelly-Anne who organises Unipol’s events for tenants.

“Unipol knows this is a unique time, people can be stressed when having to self-isolate at home. We have tried to recommend some safe and fun things to do whilst you are at home.

Yoga and exercise at home

Yoga can be useful to help you stay in a healthy mind set whilst a being healthy form of exercise.  There are a lot of yoga videos on YouTube to follow. The best thing about yoga is it can be done from anywhere, with no equipment.

Exercise classes have moved from gyms to online, creating videos or “lives” on Instagram and Facebook. Many fitness clubs and professionals are providing online workouts people can do at home. To make things more interesting, why not record your improvements and set up challenges and goals with your friends.

If this style of exercise doesn’t excite you, why not join the a free online dance class and learn a new style.


This could be a great chance to take up a hobby you’ve never had time to do.

Here is a list to start you off: Painting, making handmade decorations for your house or flat, a spot of gardening, cooking. Make sure you are getting some fresh air during this time, if you have a garden, this is a great safe space for you to do some of these activities and soak up some of the spring sunshine.

Reading and Podcasts

Reading can be a great way to escape what is going on in the current climate especially if you’re feeling anxious. Why don’t you put down your textbook, and take some time to read to a book? If reading isn’t for you there are many great audio books online or even a get hooked on a podcast.


Gaming is popular with many students. Why not take a break and have a game, online gaming might be a great way to catch up with friends as well.

Learn a new language

Have you ever fancied trying to learn a new language? Learning a new language takes a lot of time and dedication, so this is the perfect opportunity! Keeping your brain stimulated during isolation can help with your mental health and wellbeing.

Schedule daily FaceTime chats with a friends/family

Make sure you make time to speak to your family and friends. This is a perfect time to catch up with that friend you haven’t spoken to in years. It’s important to interact with people during this time, and speak about something other than the news!

Start a journal or blog/vlog

This is a fun way to document what’s going on in your life and can help you to reflect. This could be related to COVID-19, everyday life or that exciting new project you’ve decided to work on.

If you are international students, this could be a great way to remember your trip to a foreign country.

There are loads of free editing apps and it can easily be done from your mobile (and it’s a new skill) or old school pen and paper.

Baking and cooking

Try a new recipe and get creative! During this time we might not be able to get all of the ingredients that we would normally eat. Take this opportunity to try something different, buy ingredients that you haven’t tried before and cook up something new and exciting. There are loads of recipes online, why not share these with friends and review them together.

Have a clear out

This is a great opportunity to de-clutter your life and maybe have a re-arrange of your living or work space. Take advantage of being at home and wanting a nice space to be in during self-isolation.

Make a travelling list and plan!

Make lists of everything you want to do for when this is over. Sometimes we don’t get the chance to plan!


Lots of people have been deprived of good for a long time. Sleep is one of the MOST important things to your general health. Take this time to get into a routine and rejuvenate your body”.

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