Choosing your housemates

Deciding who to live with at uni is an important decision, and shouldn’t be one you rush or have to be persuaded into. Remember, it’s your decision. While we can’t say what’s best for each person, we can advise that you think about a few things before committing yourself to a house for next year. Here are a few things to consider before signing:

1. Your degree

After all, it’s the reason you’re here. It’s tempting to select house mates because they’re really sociable and like to party, however it’s important to remember to balance this with your uni work. Will it be so sociable that you’re unable to get some peace and quiet to concentrate? It’s good to find housemates that have similar values when it comes to prioritising studies and social life.


2. Health

Living with people who have different body clocks and different ideas of cleanliness than you can take its toll on your wellbeing and overall health including stress levels. Think about how lenient and patient you are and whether you can put up with a sink full of dirty dishes every day. Or if you’re a bit of a night owl, think about whether you’re going to be happy in a house with people who need their full eight hours every night.

3. Budget

Choosing housemates with a similar amount of incoming money as you makes life so much easier when it comes to not only rent but also your social life. The last thing you want to be worrying about on top of your studies is whether you can afford to pay your bills, and likewise, it’s no fun watching your friends going out partying and you being the one that can’t afford it. On the other hand, you may not be happy with settling for cheaper accommodation when you could have afforded something more luxurious.

4. Your university experience

Are you looking to make a new circle of friends, stick with the ones you have, or just share the bills? Consider your options and think about what you want from your accommodation, as it actually makes up a huge part of your overall uni life, and if you want it to, social life. Remember, best friends don’t always make the best housemates, which is why it’s important to think about alternative options to enhance your overall uni experience. 


While considering these factors, it’s also worth thinking about the area you choose and who your new neighbours will be; whether they’ll be loud students or a family with young children for example. If moving into a residential area for the first time, it’s important to be respectful of neighbours and for them to be respectful towards you, too. Make sure to:

  • Introduce yourselves to your neighbours when you move in
  • Inform them if you are having any parties and to contact you if it’s too noisy
  • Keep windows shut if playing music
  • If you are good to your neighbours, they will most likely be good to you!


This should hopefully provide you with a good starting point in your house hunting journey. Make sure to consider all your options, have a read through our new House Hunting Guide, and remember that Unipol is always here to help if you do run into any difficulty with house hunting or your housemates further down the line!

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