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It’s a natural thing for you to check an expensive restaurant’s reviews online before going, right? So why commit to such an expense like a student house without doing the same?

With many students being brand new to the world of private renting, other people’s opinions are an invaluable tool. Rate Your Landlord gives you real student reviews of the landlords in Leeds, so you can be sure you’ve made the right decision. Remember, a tenancy agreement is a legally binding document so there’s no backing out if you find yourself regretting your decision half way through the year.

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Rate Your Landlord is a joint initiative created for the students of Leeds by Unipol and Leeds’s students’ unions. We spoke to Kelly-Anne Watson, Leeds Beckett’s Vice President Welfare & Community about Rate Your Landlord and some questions that students often ask us:

  1. Why is ‘Rate Your Landlord’ important?

    “It is important for students to have access to honest opinions regarding landlords and agents in the students housing sector so that they can make an informed choice when house hunting.”

  2. Why should a student leave their review?

    “Leaving a review not only helps to put pressure on landlords to improve their standards, as well as praising the good ones, but it also provides a reliable rating for other students to consider when deciding where to live.”

  3. Is it fair on the landlord?

    “Yes its fair! Landlords should be held accountable for the services they provide, and the good ones should be recognised. It’s all about transparency. The website also allows landlords to respond to comments and offer solutions if a tenant is unhappy. The annual awards ceremony is also a fantastic event for celebrating those who have scored the highest in a number of different categories.”

  4. Will my landlord know I’ve said something about them?

    “If your landlord has their email address registered on the Rate Your Landlord website, they will receive a notification telling them that someone has left a review. So although your name won’t be displayed alongside your review when published, it is important that your rating is honest. And like I said before, the landlord also has the opportunity to respond.”

  5. Can anyone leave a review?

    “Any students in Leeds can leave a review for a landlord they have rented with since 2015.”

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So, make sure you’re sure and visit Rate Your Landlord. While you’re there, make sure to leave your review too.

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