Unipol’s values & mission: what it means

Unipol is a unique student housing charity, established in 1975. We’re passionate about helping students find the best housing, and have a detailed set of values to help us achieve this.


At Unipol, we’re involved at every level of student housing. From providing information & advice, conducting policy developments and setting, measuring and checking housing standards. Our values reflect these key pieces of work and that students are always at the forefront of our mind.

We’re also a not-for-profit charity. This means we reinvest any profits we make back into improving our properties and the standard of student housing.

As we have so many different pieces of work going on, it’s important we define why we are doing them. We wanted to share Unipol’s business values with you – so you can understand our aims.unipol values


Putting our values into practice

It’s all very well us defining our values, but how do we ensure we put them into practice?

  • Firstly, all of our advice services to students are free
  • The Unipol website gives quick tips and in-depth information for those who want it
  • The Unipol accreditation schemes (the Codes) promote landlords who commit themselves to delivering a high standard of student living
  • Over 3,000 students are housed with us on a not for profit basis
  • We offer the best deal we can to our tenants, there are no fees or hidden charges.
  • Our housing revenue subsidises housing for students with dependents (normally families). It also helps maintain a range of low-cost accommodation and supports investment in higher quality properties.
  • We invest in sustainability with better infrastructure and more information to tenants on energy and carbon footprint reduction. We use local traders where possible to provide our service and improve our buildings.


We aim to give our tenants a great housing experience, providing good value and high quality housing. We want a Unipol property to be a home from home.


So, if you’re about to start house hunting then hopefully you’ll be confident that we can provide a great property for you.

For more information about Unipol, head to our website.

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