Unipol Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2023

Thank you to everyone who completed the Tenant Satisfaction Survey this year and told us about their experiences as a Unipol tenant!

At Unipol, we recently conducted our annual tenant satisfaction survey to help us better understand the evolving needs of our student tenants in Leeds, Bradford and Nottingham. The results of the survey are compared to results we’ve seen in previous years, allowing us to monitor whether plans we are putting in place to increase student satisfaction are working!

  • 86% of tenants would recommend Unipol to a friend

  • 85% of respondents were satisfied with the signing up process

  • 8% of students rented directly from Unipol offices in Leeds or Nottingham

  • 58% rented from the Unipol website

  • The rest came via University allocations

  • 56% of respondents studied at either The University of Leeds or Leeds Beckett University

  • Over 78% said the welcome events helped them make new friends

  • 85% said the events made them feel welcome

  • 21% of respondents used the Tenancy Support service

  • 80% of respondents who used the Tenancy Support service were satisfied with the service

Here are some lovely comments we received from our tenants…

“The social events were a great opportunity to get to know other students whether they did the same course as you or not. It was also a good opportunity to mingle with other people from different backgrounds. All in all it felt like a little safe community.”

Mill Street especially I found have gone above and beyond for the tenants living there. For every holiday a form of effort is made to celebrate and help students feel welcome and prevent them from being homesick, especially at the beginning of the year.”

“I wanted a chance to thank you guys for this flat. The place that we used to live (not a Unipol place) really affected me. It felt more like a prison cell than anything, it was awful. But I think I tell my best friend every week how much I adore this flat and she agrees every time . I am so upset that we found this flat in our last year as I can’t begin to imagine how upset I am going to be when I have to leave my little home ahaha. Thank you for creating a space that makes us feel so safe in a city that isn’t our first home.”

Amongst all the great feedback we got, it’s important for us to acknowledge areas where we can continue to improve. As a result of the survey, here are a few things we’re going to be focussing on in the next year:

  • Finding ways to make recycling easier for tenants

  • Work on making the contract signing process as easy as possible

  • Encourage students to make the most of our Tenancy Support team if they’re in need of help

  • Develop event ideas that allow students to make new connections outside their flat

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