What I wish I’d known before Freshers…

Freshers - Friends Autumn

Moving away and the start of uni is on the horizon for many, so we’ve asked our recently graduated student staff to share what they wish they’d known in hindsight. Here’s what they advise to Freshers moving away to uni this month…

  • “Be prepared to budget.”
  • “Try as many different things as you can and make the most of what’s on offer – uni offers some weird and wonderful societies and clubs which you may never get the chance to throw yourself into again.”
  • “You will have the chance to go on other nights out – don’t feel like it’s now or never if you’re not feeling it.”
  • “It’s normal to feel homesick. Call or Skype home – your family (and pets!) will be missing you too.” 
  • “Take as many fancy dress outfits/props as you can; you never know when you might need them!”
  • “Invest in some earplugs.”
  • “Don’t eat as many takeaways.”
  • “Fruit is good for you! And will help to fend off the dreaded ‘Freshers Flu’.”
  • “Don’t sign up for a gym membership in the first week – it’s likely you’ll get ripped off and you probably be too busy socialising to go straight away!”
  • “Enjoy! And make yourself at home in your new city.”


We can’t wait to welcome new students to Leeds, Nottingham and Bradford in the coming weeks. We hope you all have a fantastic start to student life!

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