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George Bissett, Leeds University Union’s Student Exec Community Officer, talks about Rate Your Landlord and how you can help other students with their housing in Leeds (meanwhile entering the prize draw to win a £50 Amazon Gift voucher!).

Rate Your Landlord competition

Rate Your Landlord is an incredible concept, but it’s only as good as it’s users. That’s you! (hopefully).

The idea behind the site is that students can submit quick and easy reviews of their landlord, rating them out of five on various areas. All the reviews are then available for other students to see before deciding who to rent with.

Signing for a property is a massive commitment which is why seeing what others thought of your prospective landlord is invaluable. Just think about how useful Amazon reviews are before buying a product online: first-hand experience from someone just like you. It’s far more reliable than anything the seller will tell you. It’s the exact same principle with your future home, but you’re putting a hell of a lot more money down on it.

But as I said, the site is only as useful as its users. If no one submits a review, there’s no information. We could ask the landlords to review themselves, but then everyone would be a 5/5 (unless someone failed to grasp the concept completely). So help other students like yourself find the greatest landlords – while avoiding the not so great ones.

Not convinced? Let me persuade you. I mentioned Amazon before, right?

Well, submit a review between the 2nd and 15th October and you’ll be automatically entered into a prize draw to win a £50 Amazon voucher!

It genuinely only takes two minutes and really does a whole lot of good: what’s not to love!?

So visit rateyourlandlord.org.uk to be within a chance of winning, all while helping us hold landlords to account by celebrating the ones that give students the best.

Rate Your Landlord

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