An introduction to your Tenant Support Officer

Being at university can be a stressful time for many, as you have to adapt to making new friends, often living in a new city, and looking after yourself for what might be the first time. 

You may encounter difficulties in getting on with your housemates, experience excessive noise issues, health issues or homesickness. Stress can be caused by an never-ending list of factors, and sometimes stress can affect your studies and general wellbeing.

Monopoly - Tenant Support Officer

I’m Chris, and my role as Tenant Support Officer is to be the first point of contact for you if you have any problems with your Unipol tenancy or housemates. I can give you advice on how to get on with one another, offering solutions to any disputes you may have. I can visit you at your property to advise on cleaning, use tenancy enforcement if someone is breaching their tenancy agreement, and facilitate mediation between housemates so you can amicably talk through any issues you may have.

Problems with noise are common in student accommodation and can be a real distraction when you are trying to study. As Tenancy Support Officer I will investigate any complaints you wish to raise, I can give advice on how to tackle noise nuisance, how to report it and who to report it to. For more serious and ongoing noise complaints, Unipol works closely with the Leeds Anti-Social Behaviour Team who can intervene to resolve the issue.

iPod and Speaker - Tenant Support Officer

If you are feeling unwell or like you are struggling with your studies because of this I can help you access the services you require. There are a number of services offered by universities which may help you, including student wellbeing teams, and student counselling services; details of which can be found on your university’s website. 

So, if you need any support or advice relating to the above issues during your time at university, please contact me on I look forward to hearing from you.