Dealing with homesickness at University

Being in University can be so exciting – but it can also be a little bit lonely. If you find you are feeling homesick, that is totally understandable. We’ve put together some helpful tips of how to deal with homesickness.

It can be a good idea to talk to others about how you’re feeling – it is likely other new students are feeling the same too and it helps to talk through these emotions together – a problem shared, is a problem halved! Additionally, try not to compare yourself to other people – people often perceive that others are not feeling the same emotions as them; but the likelihood is, they are. Social media can often present a superficial picture of what is really going on in people’s lives and it’s important to remember everyone’s university experience is different!

Try to avoid isolating yourself as this will exacerbate how you’re feeling – it’s good to be around other people, even if these people aren’t who you’re used to being around. Try to get outdoors wherever possible – keeping yourself in your room is unlikely to help and is likely to intensify these feelings. There are usually some nice parks and green spaces to enjoy in the nicer weather!

If there’s one thing we’d like to stress, it’s don’t give up! The first few months are always the hardest and things will get better! Sometimes it can just take time for us to find our ‘happy place’. Most importantly, if you need it, please ASK FOR HELP! Speak to your student’s union as they will have support available for you.

If you’re a Unipol tenant, you have access to the Tenancy Support Team. We support individuals during their time at University and homesickness is a common issue we come across. We are not here to judge or to force you into the University life – we’re here to work with you to discover what works for you and how we can make your time at University the best experience possible for you.

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