Travelling Whilst at University

Travelling Whilst at University - Planning

Your university years are the ideal time to travel. When else can you guarantee an uninterrupted three month summer holiday or a last-minute fortnight off? Yes, saving up can be difficult when living away at uni, but you don’t need to spend thousands of pounds travelling around South East Asia for six months; travelling can take many forms to suit different people and different budgets. We’ve put together a selection of ideas to debunk some misconceptions about travelling and offer some alternative suggestions to the typical gap year:

Interrailing (Europe)

Interrailing around Europe is something of a student rite of passage. It offers amazing flexibility with its various ticket options depending on how long you want to go for, how many days within that period you want to spend travelling, and which areas of Europe you’d like to visit. It allows you to hop on and off trains all over the continent, whether that’s to wander the cobbled streets of Krakow, or to soak up the sun in the squares of Seville.

Travelling Whilst at University - Backpacker

Organised Tours

So you’ve saved the money and have your heart set on Australia or New Zealand, but your friends aren’t in the same position? Your heart is set on a solo trip around the other side of the world, but you (and your family) have some reservations? Organised tours have been created exactly for this purpose: they offer the flexibility and spontaneity of individual travel, yet the sociability and guidance of a group. With the option to ‘hop on’ and ‘hop off’, you’re able to spend longer in those places you love and move on when suits you. Take a look at Kiwi Experience and Stray in New Zealand, and Oz Experience in Australia.

Travelling Whilst at University - Road

Camp America

This is a fantastic travel option for students travelling on a budget, as you’re essentially earning money that you can then use to travel with your new friends after your contract has ended. This type of work can be tiring, but it’s an invaluably rewarding and memorable experience, which leaves your bank balance none the wiser. Visit the Camp America website for more information. 

Leeds RAG (Raise and Give)

Leeds RAG Society trips provide the perfect opportunity to marry crazy adventures with making friends and raising money for great causes. This year, Leeds University RAG are organising bike rides to Berlin, Prague and Barcelona, as well as hitches to Morocco and Amsterdam. Get in touch with the societies directly at Leeds UniLeeds Beckett, Nottingham Trent, or Nottingham Uni for more info about upcoming events.

Travelling Whilst at University - Street