Fresher’s guide – Settling into a new city

Settling into a new city can be exciting and daunting all at once. For many students, starting university means moving out from home for the first time and starting to live in a new, unfamiliar city. We’ve combined a list with our top tips to make sure you enjoy living in a new city and can start settling in as quickly as possible. 

settling in

Take a look around

Once you’ve moved in all your belongings and are settling in, take a walk. Have a look at what’s close by – shops, cafe etc so you can start planning things to do with your free time and know where to buy food and drink. Also, have a go at your journey to uni, whether by bus or train, so you know how long the journey will take you when lectures start up.

Speak to people

If you’ve just moved in and are staying in halls, there will be loads of people about. Prop open your door and say hello to anyone and everyone – you’ll have made friends in no time. Remember, everyone else is new too… they’ll be looking out for a friendly face as much as you are.

Keep up your hobbies

Into sport? Love the outdoors? Crafty creator? If you have a hobby you love, see if there’s a society for it! Joining a society is a great way to get out and meet new people, as well as being able to do something you really enjoy.

Decorate your room

Make your new room feel homely – decorate it with things that mean a lot to you. Photos, lights, bedding and posters can all make your room feel cosy and more like home.

It’s normal to be homesick

Don’t worry too much if you feel homesick – it’s completely normal! Moving away from home and to a new place is a big change so it makes sense that at some point you’ll miss home. Everyone else will have at some point – even if they act like they haven’t! But, if your homesickness is taking its toll or you’re feeling down about it, you can speak to our Tenancy Support Officer for help and advice.

settling in