Why I’ve chosen to live at New York Street Apartments for another year

Hannah, second year Vocalist at Leeds College of Music has written this week’s blog post about why she has chosen to stay at New York Street Apartments for her third year…

New York Street is great for LCoM students because it’s literally round the corner (less than 5mins)!

What I love most is having the whole of town on my door step. It’s great being able to walk home from uni and pop into the market to buy fresh bread, eggs, avocados and tomatoes and make myself a yummy brunch (it’s also cheaper than supermarkets too)! I’m on the top floor of the building which means I get the best views which are especially nice at sunset. I also got lucky with my room and scored the one with two windows so it’s really lovely and bright.

The majority of the building are music students and one thing I’ve noticed (or not noticed shall we say) is that the sound proofing is actually pretty good between other flats. In my flat, we are three vocalists and a flutist so being so close to uni is great because it means getting to uni for practice and rehearsals is super easy and we don’t have to worry about spending money on a bus or Uber like students who live in Hyde Park do! It also means after late rehearsals you’re less than 5 mins away from jumping in to bed!

We have 2 newly refurbished bathrooms, one which has a bath which is nice after a long day of practice.

Or if you prefer a shower the water pressure is pretty good too!

I’ve chosen to stay another year because living there is so convenient!

I’m super close to everywhere I really need: train station, bus station, supermarkets, bars & restaurants & a lot of gigs tend to be within the city centre so it makes seeing more gigs a lot easier too.

It also means we don’t have to fuss about moving again this summer and we’ve also made our flat more homely with plants and decorations so I feel that being able to stay another year means it will feel even more like a home rather than just a place we live in!”

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