Things you can do when self-isolating with kids

As schools are closed, how are parents supposed to cope? Presumably we’re all going to be here for some time, so Kelly-Anne has written a few pointers that might help.

It is recommended by professionals that the easiest way to get through this time with your children is to make a schedule. Routine seems to be key!

Feel good activities

Make a photo album

Protect your treasured family memories by taking the time to compile photo album or make a back-up photos on your phone, to ensure you don’t lose them in years to come. Making a photo album could be a fun way to reminisce and share fond memories with your children.

Fun idea – Create a family tree and get other family members to get involved.

Start a blog for parents

Record your isolating live with your kids, it must be a very interesting, recording your kids get into den-building, tent-pitching, picnicking, birdfeeder-making, minibeast hunting, and etc.

Fun idea – Share this with other parents for a more community approach to self-isolation.

Call your family and friends

Call your parents/grandparents. It is a great time to teach your children how to show love to others.

Fun idea – Come up with a list of questions with your children before hand and learn more about your loved ones.

Make a travel bucket list

If your kids feel fed up, try ask them where they want to travel in the further and write it down.

Fun idea – ‘Make a to do list Jar’ Use an old jar to note all the fun ideas you’d like to do post pandemic. This will help motivate you and your children to do things you’ve maybe never done before.

Have a clear out!

Having a spring clear out always feels good, but use this opportunity to work with your children on de-cluttering the house.

Fun idea – Make this into a game, tell a fun story for every item you will be parting with and reminisce on the good times.


Dance it out

Blast out some of your favorite tunes and get dancing with your kids. There are loads of online singalongs and dancing videos you can follow.

Fun idea – Schedule this into your child’s day. If they know that for example, 1-2pm everyday will be dance hour they will not only get super excited about it but also be getting the exercise that they need. You could try different dancing styles each week.


Transform your lounge into a yoga space and stretch it out. This is a fun healthy way for you and your child to get fit and relax.

Fun tip – there are lots of online material that can be easily followed making it safe and fun!


Learn a language

You can learn a new language with your kids. There are many online apps and videos which can help you with this exciting task.

Fun tip – Make sure you challenge yourself by setting daily tasks and reward them with fun treats.

Write a book

Let your children use their imagination and write and exciting book.

Fun idea – You can split this into stages. Brain storming for good ideas, making mood boards, then breaking the idea down the sections; the beginning, middle (drama) and the ending. It could be fun to do the illustrations yourself too.

Let your kids’ creative juices flow

Embark on a creative arts and crafts challenge, from sketching and mindful coloring to pottery.

Fun idea – There are loads of online materials to help you with ideas but why don’t you try to recycle some of your materials for example; old clothes, past birthday cards, stuff you might have thrown away.

Plant some flowers and do some gardening

Introduce some welcome color into your house or garden and plant some flowers together.  Doing some outdoor gardening could be beneficial for your child’s wellbeing but please make sure you do this safely.

Fun idea – A way to make gardening fun is learning about the plants that are in your garden and finding out how to look after them. Why not try planting some fruit and veg?

Get baking

There are plenty of sweet and savory recipes you could give a go, from sponge cakes and biscuits, to cheese straws and traditional scones.


Reading with kids. Figure out your family reading list together and your kids’ newest favorite book.

Fun idea – Get your children to read the book out loud like a teacher, there are other fun ways to incorporate reading into your day like get them to act it out, with funny voices and play characters.

Get your game on

Board games

Why not try some old school entertainment and crack out the board games for some light competition? If you don’t have any board games, there are loads of online games that you can play together.

Fun idea – Make your own board game using materials in your house.

Make sure you share your activities and ideas with other families on the Facebook group here.

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