Sponsors of Leeds Beckett Hockey Club

Leeds Beckett Hockey Club

“This season has seen Leeds Beckett Hockey Club form a sponsorship partnership with Unipol in a bid to promote the benefits of Unipol housing around the university. Being students ourselves, we have experienced the stress that can come with house hunting, and with so many members in the club we want to provide them with the best resources available to ensure their house hunting goes smoothly – and doesn’t impact on all their hockey commitments!

You’ll have seen us promoting certain initiatives with Unipol across our social media platforms and in person. (Check us out on Facebook and Twitter!) For instance, Unipol’s Door Knocking initiative saw our committee members head out to student halls to advise you guys about why you shouldn’t rush into house hunting yet, and instead had you sign up to Unipol’s priority email list to see the best accredited properties on January 19th, before the website goes live on the Saturday! We’re also backing their ‘Relax’ campaign, where we promote how well it pays not to rush into house hunting, so you can identify the houses that are Code accredited, reasonably priced and can get houses with the best group of people for you.

Unipol are looking to support the club at their games this Wednesday, which is great opportunity for spectators to come and speak to them directly and find out a little bit more on what you guys as students think about house hunting in Leeds.

Over the next few months we’ll keep releasing plenty of information that you can utilise in your search for student housing to make sure that you get the best you deserve!”

Thanks to Leeds Beckett Hockey Club’s committee member, Shannon, for writing this week’s blog post. If you would like to join Unipol’s priority email list and be in with the chance of winning a £50 Amazon voucher, you can do so here.

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