Assured accommodation = Reassured students.

The most obvious reason for choosing to live in halls of residence covered by the National Code is that it provides reassurance throughout your time at uni.

It assures you that:National Code logo

  • Your accommodation will be safe and well managed
  • There’s a procedure in place if you need to complain.


All accommodation providers covered by the Code have voluntarily agreed to comply with a set of standards that relate to both the physical condition and the management of the buildings.

This means that as a student you can expect your building to:

  • Meet or exceed the local authorities’ fire safety requirements,
  • Contain sufficient bathroom and kitchen facilities,
  • Ensure repairs are completed within agreed timescales,
  • Give you advance notification if managers need to access rooms and/or flats,
  • Have managers and staff who act in a professional and helpful manner at all times,

And more…

National Code - Mill Street

To check if your halls of residence are covered by the Codes and to find out more about your rights as a tenant, visit, or speak to your Accommodation Manager.

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