Moving in weekend is here! Top tips from Unipol

Thousands of students will be moving in to their new homes on the 1st of July. It’s an exciting time but we just want to provide you with a few tips to make sure the weekend runs smoothly.

Moving in- Key in door

Is this house clean?

We hope so!

Most tenancies will run until the 30th of June which means the landlord has very limited time to ensure the property is spotless. Although the landlord should have prepared suitable cleaning arrangements, sometimes it isn’t possible with the timeframe they have.

The Unipol Code states that a landlord has 5 days to ensure the property is clean but if the property is completely filthy please contact your landlord to let them know.

Is anything broken?

Have a look around the house and check everything is working how it should be. If you find any problems write your landlord a list and draw attention to anything that needs immediately repairing. Make sure you take pictures and send anything in writing by email or letter (save yourself a copy).

If your landlord has provided you with an inventory, fill this in to highlight if anything is missing or broken.

Is the house properly refurbished?

In most cases the property will be habitable as soon as you move in. If refurbishments are taking place your landlord should have contacted you in advance. If your property is uninhabitable (cannot sleep, eat or bathe), you should contact your landlord immediately in writing and follow up with a call. Your landlord should provide a suitable alternative or compensation whether that is rent reduction or rent exemption.

Happy moving in!

Your landlord should be working really hard over the next couple of weeks to make sure you are happy in your property and have a positive experience.  Call Unipol if you have any issues that are not being dealt with efficiently. You can contact us on 0113 243 0169 or visit our website:

Happy moving in 🙂 x



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