Moving In and Out Guide

Whether you’re moving in or out of a property this summer, preparation is key to a stress-free move. Here’s Unipol’s Moving In and Out Guide with some handy tips to make sure you have all bases covered when moving house this year.


Moving Out

Not sure what’s expected? Don’t be afraid to ask your landlord or agent to specify what exactly it is they require and they’ll be happy to help. That way, there’ll be no nasty surprises once you’ve left the property.


On moving out, the landlord or agent needs the property to be returned to them in an acceptably clean condition so that no major deep-cleaning is required before the new tenants move in. It’s likely that new tenants will be moving in the following day so make sure it’s in a state that you’d be happy with. 

In shared rented properties, the cleaning is the responsibility of all tenants, meaning any charges for leaving communal areas unclean will be the joint responsibility of all of you, so it’s a good idea to get together to decide who’s doing what. In our tabloid’s Moving In and Out Guide, we’ve included a checklist to help keep you on track.

Moving In and Out Guide - Cleaning products

Utility bills

A few weeks before you move out, make sure to contact your utility companies to make them aware you’ll be moving out in the near future and they can anticipate the account being closed.

On your last day in the property, take your final meter reading (keep a record of this!) and contact your utility company to provide them with an address for which to send the final bill. 

It’s not unusual for your landlord or agent to keep hold of your deposit until you have provided evidence that any outstanding bills are paid. If you’re not sure about something bill-related, always refer back to your contract.

Moving In

Make sure to carefully check your new property on the first day so you can make a note (and take pictures) of any pre-existing damage. Be aware, though, that if you are moving in on the first day, it might also only be the day after the previous tenants have moved out, meaning the landlord might not have had chance to make repairs. Just inform your landlord and ask for a date by which the work should be completed.

Moving In and Out Guide - Kitchen and students

During the first few days, make sure to take meter readings for your gas and electric (and check with your landlord whether your water is on a meter).

Another piece of useful advice for drivers bringing cars to student accommodation would be to check if a permit is required before doing so. Lots of city centre and student populated areas have restricted parking so we’d recommend sussing this out beforehand.

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Unipol wishes you a great year in your new pad!

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