Mill Street: Places to Know

By Eleanor Ramshaw, Mill Street Residents’ Assistant.

Leaving home for the first time can be both exciting and scary. The thought of having to navigate your way around a new city does not help matters. So, to help you settle in a little bit easier, here is some information on important places to know.

Student GP

The GP for students is the Leeds Student Medical Practice, which is near the University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett. It is on Blenheim Walk and is about a 30 minute walk from Mill Street. If you’d prefer somewhere closer, you can register with other practices that aren’t just for students. For example, there is One Medicare which you can find in The Light, located on The Headrow. This is about a 20 minute walk.

Also, the Leeds Sexual Health Centre is located in the Merrion Centre, on the first floor. They offer many services which can be found on their website:

Post Office

The closest post office to Mill Street is The Markets Post Office which is located on New York Street.

Bus Station

The Leeds City Bus Station isn’t too difficult to find and is really close to Mill Street (less than a 10 minute walk). You’ll see it as you head towards the city centre in front of the Kirkgate Market. There are two entrances one on York Street and the other on Dyer Street. Another good thing to know is that there’s a Gregg’s and a takeaway Costa inside. Just in case you fancy a sausage roll or a coffee but don’t want to go towards the shops.

Train Station

The train station is a 20 minute walk from Mill Street so if you have a lot of bags you might want to get a taxi or an Uber. To get there, go along New York Street and past the Post Office. Then head towards the Corn Exchange before going down Duncan Street and going straight on until you see the Hotel Chocolat Cafe. Then take a left down New Station Street. You’ll see Laynes Espresso on that road so if you don’t see if you know you’ve gone the wrong way. If you reach the Queen’s Hotel, you’ve just gone too far up the road.

Supermarkets and Other Places to Buy Food

There a lots of different places for you to buy food, depending on what is best for you. Firstly, the student go to: Aldi.

It’s about a fifteen minute walk from Mill Street so just bear that in mind if you’re going to do a big shop as you might need an Uber to get back. But it isn’t too difficult to find. You need to follow the A61, make sure you’ve gone past Cafe 164, the BBC Yorkshire building and Leeds City College. Then go under the bridge and follow the main road past Kwik Fit. Then you’ll see Aldi near Pure Gym.

Another supermarket which isn’t too far is Sainsbury’s. If you go towards John Lewis and then go along The Headrow, you’ll get there. It’s next to HomeSense and TK Maxx.

Another good place to know for students is the Kirkgate Market. It is located behind the bus station. You can find a lot of different things there as well as some great deals (for example: a bowl of fruit or veg for £1). It’s also good check out the Street Food stalls in the Kirkgate Market where you can get curry at Manjit’s Kitchen or a Yorkshire pudding wrap at the Yorkshire Wrap Company. You can really get anything you fancy.

The trusty corner shop is always good to know for those last minute buys, maybe you’ve ran out of coke to have with your vodka or you just fancy some chocolate. The closest places to Mill Street are the Co-op, which is on New York Street just up from Mecca Bingo, and The Gateway Express, which is part of The Gateway Apartments Buildings.

There are also a few Tesco Expresses and Sainsbury’s locals which you will be able to go to.

Parks and Outdoor Spaces

If you didn’t want to travel too far you can sit in the park opposite Leeds Minster (maybe with a Costa from the bus station). Otherwise, there is Park Square which is about a 25 minute walk. You’ll find it if you continue up The Headrow towards the Magistrate’s Court. Closer to Leeds Beckett and Uni of Leeds, there is Woodhouse Moor or Hyde Park which is a nice place for a picnic or a break in between lectures.

However, I think one of the nicest places close by to take a walk is Leeds Dock. I find that it has a relaxing and calm feel to it. It is right next to the Royal Armouries, on the other side of the River Aire. So make sure you’re crossing one of the bridges.

Leeds Waterfront is also great place to go and walk. You can follow the River Aire and Leeds Canal to get to Granary Wharf, where there are some really lovely places to eat and drink. You can find more information on Leeds Waterfront on

If you’re willing to take the bus for a more of a day out you can travel to Roundhay Park, which is 3 miles north of the city centre. It takes about 40 minutes to get there, but it is worth it with 700 acres to land to walk including parkland, lakes, landscaped gardens and you can even get tickets to Tropical World, which is located in the park.

Another place to visit which is out of the city centre is Kirkstall Abbey. You’ll need to get the bus to get there as well. Bus numbers 33, 34 and 757 from Leeds stop outside Kirkstall Abbey. You will be able to visit the Abbey and its surrounding park where you can enjoy a picnic.

I hope this is some useful information to help you enjoy your time studying in Leeds and living here at Mill Street.

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