Leeds’ Street Art

Noticed the wave of colour sweeping its way over the streets of Leeds?

Over the past couple of months Unipol has been working with various local partners around the city to brighten up the Blenheim area in Woodhouse, which sits between the University of Leeds and Leeds Arts University.

The project has provided local artists with the opportunity to showcase their work in a public space as well as bringing a wave of colour and nature to an urban area which was previously strewn with graffiti and tagging.

Megan Dobbyn (@megdobbyn_illustration) was the 1st place winner of Unipol’s Urban Garden Arts Project Competition, getting the most votes from the public for her design. She completed painting the mural at the end of last week and we couldn’t have wished for a better, brighter or more fitting piece!

“I am an illustrator who makes work with a focus on sustainability and environmental impact, I create imagery inspired by the natural world around me to tell stories and narratives and I want to use my illustration practice to celebrate the beauty of nature and our duty to protect it. This mural is inspired by the companionship and mental well-being we can access when spending time together in nature and the joy that comes from watching something grow under your own care.”

– Meg Dobbyn

You might have seen the street art murals which have similarly been appearing around the Hyde Park areas of Leeds. These are part of Leeds University’s Colour Hyde Park Project, which you can read more about here. We can’t wait to see more and more local art around our beloved residential areas of the city!

Watch this space for updates and photos of the other two Urban Garden Arts Project winners’ designs which will be completed in the next few weeks…

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