Leeds Area Guide

The area you choose for your next student home is likely to be one of your top priorities. Leeds’s popular student areas all offer something different and it’s important to think about this and maybe even visit the areas to get a feel for the place before you sign for a house.


To help you decide, we have compiled a quick guide so you can weigh up your options and make a more informed decision.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is probably the most lively student area, but that also means the most noisy, especially at weekends. The area is close to the university, taking between 10 and 20 minutes to walk, depending on whereabouts within Hyde Park you’re based. It’s also close to Woodhouse Moor which is a popular spot in the summer when the sun makes an appearance. The Brudenell Social Club is a great music venue and cheap local pub which hosts regular gigs and has a large games room, and many takeaways can be found close by which are great for that kebab on the way home.


Headingley has a great community feel, with its many independent cafes, bars and shops. The area is popular with both undergraduates and postgraduates, although it is slightly quieter than Hyde Park (despite it being home to the famous Otley Run). Headingley is closer to more green spaces than other student areas, with the Meanwood Valley Trail close by, and Kirkstall Abbey within walking distance. It’s also probably the most convenient area for students based at Beckett’s Headingley campus. 


Woodhouse is just on the other side of Woodhouse Lane, close to Hyde Park Corner where you can find a variety of cafes, bars and Woodhouse Moor’s renowned skate park. Houses in Woodhouse tend to be cheaper than Hyde Park and Headingley, and are generally slightly closer to the university. Woodhouse Ridge is also nearby which forms a lovely green walking route to Headingley via the Meanwood Valley Trail, which ends at the Golden Acre Park.

University Area and Little Woodhouse

These areas cover the University of Leeds campus and the north of the campus towards Clarendon Road and the Burley Road area, therefore being extremely close to the university, particularly the Business School, and Leeds Beckett’s City campus. These areas are a little quieter than Hyde Park but it’s still easy to get to as it’s only a short walk away; similarly, the city centre is just a 15 minute stroll in the other direction. As this location is so convenient for students, it is slightly more expensive than others.

Hopefully this should provide you with a bit of guidance, helping you along your house hunting journey! For more tips and support, visit our website or pop into the Hub on Woodhouse Lane, just opposite Broadcasting Tower.

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