Give It A Go at Leeds Beckett

Kelly-Anne Watson, Leeds Beckett’s Vice-President – Welfare and Community, writes today’s blog, all about Freshers’ Week and LBSU’s Give It A Go initiative.

Exec Kelly-Anne Give It A Go

As you may know, IT’S FRESHERS’ SOON!

Freshers’ Week starts on the 17th of September, during which LBSU will be hosting loads of non-boozy and boozy activities; all our events are listed on the website. It is definitely not one to miss, especially with Love Island star and Blazin’ Squad’s top man, Marcel headlining one of the events.

The second week of Freshers’ is called Give It A Go (GIAG). It’s a chance to do something you’ve always wanted to try, or something you’ve never even thought of! This year-round initiative ensures that there will always be new opportunities for you to have a go at.

As well as giving students a chance to do something new, Give It A Go is accessible, affordable (sometimes even free!), no-commitment and of course, loads of fun! So whether you’re interested in sports, politics, media, volunteering, the outdoors, or something else, this is a great way to get involved in something exciting with absolutely no commitment!


The events that I am most looking forward to are: the launch of the new Thrift Shop opening at Headingley campus, above the bar on the 25th of September at 1pm. The Society Bingo Night, which is offering amazing prizes at the Headingley SU bar on the 26th at 7pm, and Simon on the Streets charity sleep out, where we’re volunteering to ‘rough it for the night’ to raise money and awareness for the homeless. There is tons more, I honestly can’t wait!

During this week we are also offering 3 amazing trips which you can book on to, Berlin, Harry Potter Studios and Paris! Check out the events list here.

See you all in a week!

Kelly-Anne (Vice-President Welfare and Community)

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