(Free!) Arts and Culture in Leeds

By Mill Street Residential Assistant, Sam Upright

If you want to try something new that doesn’t plough through your student loan, we’ve compiled a list of museums and art sites that you can visit in Leeds… all for free!

1. Middleton Railway Museum


One for students of engineering, Middleton Railway Museum is the oldest working railway in the world. Showcasing 200 years of commercial steam locomotives, it is easily accessible in South Leeds. 

2. The Royal Armouries


The Royal Armouries is one of the oldest museums in the world, and is the UK’s national museum of armouries. History buffs will love the world-renowned collection of over 75,000 objects that spans over 5000 years of British history.

3. Leeds City Museum

Boasting six galleries showcasing anything from the stuffed animals, Greek history, Egyptian displays and Leeds local history – Leeds City Museum is a must.

4. Horsforth Village Museum

Located in the former Horsforth Village council chambers, this unique gem offers a local sample of the development of English people’s lives, including during the World Wars. See more here.

5. The Waterfront Art Trail

The Waterfront Art Trail runs from Holbeck to Leeds dock, and offers a chance to take in some modern art and some fresh air – something we can all appreciate this year!

6. Sunny Bank Mills Gallery

Whether you want something easy on the eye or art to make you captivated, Sunny Bank Mills Gallery is what you make of it showcasing culture from Leeds’ past and from upcoming artists.

7. Gallery at 164

Gallery at 164 is an eccentric café and gallery where you can get some tasty grub or sip on a coffee, whilst taking in some bohemian art and interesting shows in a comfortable place.

8. Leeds Art Gallery

Designated an ‘area of national importance’ in 1997, Leeds Art Gallery has a fine and extensive display of 20th Century British fine art. 

9. Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery

Found in the property of the University of Leeds, the Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery has added to its fine collection by becoming a leader in virtual exhibitions as we deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

10. The Henry Moore Institute

The Henry Moore Institute is a ‘world recognised centre for the study and enjoyment of sculpture’. It has 3 spaces for temporary exhibitions and is one of the largest sculptural galleries in Europe. 

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