Finding Your New Home

5 steps to finding your new home in Leeds

We’ll be honest: finding your new home as a student for the first time can seem daunting and you may feel pressure to make a quick decision. However, if you follow these simple tips, you can guarantee a smooth ride and a good house at the end of it!


1.  Search on the Unipol website after Saturday 19th January 2019 when listings go live.

The Unipol website hosts the widest choice in Leeds, meaning you can find and compare the best deals (using our filters to find exactly what you’re looking for). Join our Priority Club to browse the properties before the go-live date, and enter our prize draw for the chance to win a £100 cash.


2.  Be confident on viewings:

  • Compare prices and standards by viewing a few different properties with different landlords – don’t be pressured into signing for the first one you see.
  • Use our viewing checklist, which you will be able to find and tick off on page 21 our House Hunting Guide 2019.
  • You can ask for improvements or discounts, but make sure to get them agreed in writing before you sign anything.
  • You are a paying customer: the landlord should be professional, courteous and not pushy. If you feel unhappy or uncomfortable about anything, just rent elsewhere!


3.  Pick a Code landlord

for a fair deal, a safe property and reliable service. There are over 330 Code landlords in Leeds (and a surplus of properties!).


4.  Visit Rate Your Landlord

to find out what previous tenants think about your prospective landlord or property.


5.  Get your contract checked

by your Students’ Union or Unipol before signing. Once you’ve signed, there’s no backing out, so read through thoroughly and understand the commitment.


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If you’re feeling unsure about anything throughout the house hunting process, Unipol are here to help and offer professional advice, so take your time and don’t rush to rent.

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