Clearing? Unipol can help!

“Coming to uni through clearing four years ago and having missed out on halls, I was worried that I wouldn’t find somewhere I wanted to live.

After looking through many different options I came across the Unipol website, and as a result Garden House.

The staff were so quick at getting me a viewing organised and I fell in love with it straight away. It was large enough to have a community vibe but not too large to be overbearing. I didn’t miss out on any of the things I was worried that I might have done: I still got to mingle with people from other flats, I made some amazing friends, and I could still make it to all the best nights out and Freshers’ events.

Garden House -int.

As well as the homely feeling of Garden House, the location is super close to transport links and shops. The surrounding area is nice and quiet and the quality for money just can’t be beaten. I agreed to sign on the day of my viewing and I never moved out!

In second and third year I looked around other housing with a group of friends, but nothing felt like it was going to beat my flat at Garden House. The rooms are such a great size, the furniture suited all my storage needs, and I just never felt the need to move. Not only did I complete my Undergrad at Garden House but I then stayed on to do my Masters where I stayed for another year. The building really can be suited to all, thanks to the efforts of Unipol to place people in a flat with others at a similar age or study level. Another bonus was that I never had to worry about bills as Unipol took care of all of that for me!

Garden House - ext.

Here are a few questions I’ve often been asked about Garden House:

“Do people from the other flats speak to each other?”

Yes – as much as I loved all of my flatmates sometimes you do need a break from them and I had friends across several different flats that I could hang out with.

“Is it easy to get into the city?”

It’s easier than it looks. There is the number 56 bus stop less than a minute away, and if you want to walk a little further there is a bus stop where you can get into the city centre for just a pound. Headingley train station is also a two minute walk away with trains every 20 minutes, and taxis into the city take just five minutes for those all-important nights out. If it’s a nice day you can even bike or walk!

“Is the train station noisy being so close?”

Not at all, I am from the smallest quietest village ever, and I only noticed the trains for the first few nights I was there. After that they just begin to sort of blend into the background.

“Is it far from the rest of student life?”

Not really, it’s certainly not as rowdy as some of the larger halls but with the amount of students in Headingley and other student halls not far away there are always other people around who are just like us.

“How far are the shops?”

There is no end to the number of shops that you can access from Garden House; if you head down to Kirkstall you will find a Morrison’s as well as the new Kirkstall Bridge Shopping Park that has an Iceland, Home Bargains, Outfit store and PureGym. If you head into Headingley itself there are a number of independent and small corner shops, Sainsbury’s, Wilkos, charity shops and a whole host of places to eat. Aldi isn’t too far away either!”

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