Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Here at Unipol we spend so much time rejuvenating properties around Leeds, it’s about time the Unipol Hub enjoyed a little TLC. 

The Unipol Housing Hub makeover begins next week, on 16th October, and we’re transforming the existing hub into a contemporary, welcoming, open space which makes house hunting a leisurely walk in the park rather than the headache it might be typically thought of. We’re installing huge video walls, presentation screens and comfortable seating areas. 

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to our new home, and to celebrate the start of the refurb we thought we’d share some photos of Unipol through the ages, starting from day dot, right through to the design for the finished product to be completed at the end of November, in time for the start of house hunting in January

1976 – 2017

Unipol Hub 1975accom-bureau-ux10



dcp06653-medium accom-bureau-ux48i


…November 2017

refurb3   refurb11


Don’t worry – we’ll still be open in the meantime, we’re just temporarily based downstairs! Click here for our address and contact info. 

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