The Unipol Hub has reopened!

The Unipol Housing Hub refurbishment is now complete, providing the students of Leeds with a contemporary, welcoming, open space which makes house hunting a leisurely walk in the park rather than the headache it might be typically thought of. We’ve installed huge video walls, comfortable seating areas, and computer stations for students to use and browse accommodation, with staff at hand for any questions you may have. 

To celebrate the reopening of the Hub we thought we’d share some photos of Unipol through the years, starting from day dot, right through to the new design which has been completed in time for house hunting in January

1976 – 2017

Unipol Hub 1975accom-bureau-ux10



dcp06653-medium accom-bureau-ux48i



Light, open plan space with staff at hand to answer all your house hunting queries.
Area guide of Leeds with signposted Unipol Housing sites, institutions, and approximate walking times between points of interest.
PCs (and WiFi) free for students to use and browse accommodation, with video wall displaying Code animation in background.
Unipol Housing wall, where, come house hunting season, properties will be listed on clipboards with information sheets available to be taken away.
Hub staff available to help, with video wall displaying Unipol social media live stream in background.
Map mural of Leeds with seating area, computer terminals and information leaflets.



We’re now open as usual from 9.15am to 4.45pm Monday to Friday. Pop in for all your housing needs.

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